Demand Response


3. Optimal Power Consumption for Demand Response of Thermostatically Controlled Loads
       Optimal Control Applications and Methods, 2018
       A. Halder, X. Geng, F.A.C.C. Fontes, P.R. Kumar and L. Xie

2. Architecture and Algorithms for Privacy Preserving Thermal Inertial Load Management by A Load Serving Entity
       IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2017
       A. Halder, X. Geng, P.R. Kumar and L. Xie

1. A Control System Framework for Privacy Preserving Demand Response of Thermal Inertial Loads
       SmartGridComm 2015
       A. Halder, X. Geng, G. Sharma, L. Xie, and P.R. Kumar

Talks and Posters

8. [Dec. 5, 2016] Talk at Comverge Inc., Denver, CO

7. [Nov. 3, 2016] 12 min talk at Texas A&M Workshop on Architecture and Economics of the Future Grid

6. [Oct. 31, 2016] Poster at 2016 NSF CPS PI meeting

5. [June 17, 2016] 5 min talk at ERCOT Demand Side Working Group meeting

4. [Nov. 16-17, 2015] Poster at 2015 NSF CPS PI meeting

3. [Nov. 3, 2015] 15 min talk at SmartgridComm 2015

2. [Oct. 26, 2015] 50 min talk at Texas A&M Electrical Power & Power Electronics Institute seminar (see flyer)

1. [Oct. 9, 2015] Poster at 2015 Winedale workshop